Face Painting

Face Painting

Let 5 Star Talent help to make your next event a memorable one for you and your guests with face painting. Whether you want cheek art or full face designs.no problem. We have you covered (literally)!

In just minutes, our professional face painters create wonderful works of art ranging from elaborate full face paintings using the entire face as the canvas, transforming people into tigers, dogs, princesses, lizards, butterflies and a wide variety of other fun, fanciful creations to beautiful eye decorations and smaller designs . Your guests will be amazed!

We use only the highest quality FDA compliant, professional, cosmetic grade safe products which are specifically made for use on the skin - never craft, acrylic, tempra, watercolor paint or markers. The make-up is gentle on the skin and easy to remove.

Face painting is not just for kids! Teens and adults love it, too!

Face Painting: The design choices offered often depends on the number of guests to be painted. Full face designs take an average of 4-5 minutes per design while the quicker designs average 2-3 minutes. Factors such as age of the person being painted (younger children tend to take a little longer), the environment and complexity of the designs all effect the number of paintings per hour. Our artists are experienced in painting at all type of venues and will help advice you on what would be the best for your special event.

Temporary Glitter Tattoos

Temporary Glitter Tattoos put the sparkle in any event! These dazzling customized "tattoos" are available in a wide variety of designs and color choices. Unlike face paints, glitter tattoos will stay on in the water and usually last 3-10 days, if taken care of properly. Not sure about "sparkle"? The tattoos can also be done using mica powder for a more subtle effect. Black mica is popular with the boys because they create the look of a real tattoo.

Temporary Glitter Tattoos : People of all ages love Glitter Tattoos!